November 15, 2018

Brexit for the Non-Brit: What Is It, and Why Can’t They Get It Done?

Why Is a Compromise So Elusive?The Achilles’ heel of the entire process of Brexit is the border between Ireland, a member of the European Union, and N...

Oddsmakers Predict High Scores and Blowouts in Football This Weekend

So the question becomes, how soon does Alabama start easing up? That’s hard for oddsmakers to predict.“It’s super-tricky,” Mitchell said. “You look at...

Country Music Legend And ‘Hee Haw’ Star Roy Clark Dead At 85

Country music entertainer Roy Clark, who crossed over to the mainstream via the long-running variety show “Hee Haw,” died Thursday at his home in Tuls...

Mark Zuckerberg Responds To Times Facebook Report: ‘I Learned About This Yesterday’

A day after a lengthy New York Times investigation found that Facebook went to great and potentially unethical lengths to muffle criticism of its inac...

Michelle Obama Is Proof That Black Women Can Become More Than Their Wildest Dreams

“Yes I’m black. Yes I’m a woman. Yes I grew up working-class. How dare someone say I don’t love my country, that I don’t belong.” Those words rang out...

Draymond Green believes argument with Kevin Durant could galvanize Golden State Warriors

HOUSTON -- All-Star Draymond Green said on Thursday he believes the Golden State Warriors will grow stronger after his emotional exchanges with teamma...

Herbert Fingarette, Contrarian Philosopher on Alcoholism, Dies at 97

Professor Fingarette acknowledged that he had not conducted any experimental or clinical studies into alcoholism; he reached his conclusions by analyz...

Queen Elizabeth Shows Off Her Sense Of Humor At Prince Charles’ Birthday Party

Queen Elizabeth showed off her cheeky sense of humor while giving a sweet speech about her son, Prince Charles, turning 70.  “It is a privilege for an...



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