November 21, 2018

More Than A Year Post-Maria, Puerto Rico’s Governor Beseeches Congress For Help

Puerto Rico is still reeling from the “unprecedented devastation” wreaked more than a year ago by Hurricane Maria — and the island is in desperate nee...

Five Takeaways From Our New China Project

How did China do it?When The New York Times set out to take a big-picture look at China, the what was obvious enough: Across the Pacific Ocean from th...

Some Marriott Employees Return To Work — But Record-Breaking Strike Not Over Yet

After weeks of picketing, Marriott employees in several cities, including Boston and Detroit, have returned to work following successful negotiations...

Adolf Hitler: Secret ‘SUPERHIGHWAY’ created to ESCAPE Berlin bunker’  | Weird | News

According to declassified files, the US government seriously looked into the possibility Adolf Hitler escaped Germany on April 30, 1945. The papers ex...

Five Places to Shop in Havana

Visitors to Old Havana usually come to the neighborhood to take in its faded beauty, the vintage cars cruising cobbled streets and the colonial buildi...

1,000 Pieces of Plastic Found Inside Dead Whale in Indonesia

More than 1,000 assorted pieces of plastic, including 115 cups, 25 bags, four bottles and two flip-flops, have been found inside a dead sperm whale in...

Interpol Elects South Korea’s Kim Jong-Yang As President

DUBAI (Reuters) - International police body Interpol elected Kim Jong-yang of South Korea as president for a two-year term on Wednesday, beating a Rus...

Stephen Colbert Deftly Turns Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia Comments Against Him

“Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event ― ma...



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All The Murdered Virgin Saints And Me

Maria Goretti was just 11 years old in 1902, when she was murdered while defending herself from a would-be rapist....

Review: A Hip-Hop Sidekick Eyes Center Stage in ‘Hype Man’

As important as they can be to a hip-hop act, hype men are supporting characters: They are there to valorize the M....

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