Boston Marathoners Face Driving Rain and Blustery Wind


The 2018 Boston Marathon gets underway in a downpour.

Mary Schwalm/Associated Press

BOSTON — Boston Marathon runners on Monday faced teeming rain and the coldest temperatures in 30 years. When the race began, the temperature hovered at 38 degrees, and a 10 mile an hour or more headwind blew in runners’ faces.

“The cold, the wet and the rain – that’s the three worst things you can have, and you have that in one race,” Abdi Abdirahman, a four-time United States Olympian said on Sunday night. “A lot of guys have been talking about it, trying to be the tough guy and say, ‘Oh, I’m not worried about it, I will just have to deal with it.’ But you know, we will find out how many people are still intact after 30K.”

Data suggests that marathoners run their fastest races when the temperature is in the 40s – but the study excludes wind.

There were fewer fans cheering racers throughout the course. The fans who opted to brave the weather taped plastic bags to their sneakers and wore trash bags in lieu of waterproof jackets.

At the starting line, runners crossed their arms over their chests, rubbing their forearms and jumping up and down in an attempt to stay warm. As a precautionary measure, the athletes were all given two bib numbers so they could put one on each layer of clothing.

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